Why Choose to Begin Counseling?

Many times in life we find ourselves stuck in a phase of this is just how it is right now. Frequently during those phases, the only thing we can do is hang on, keep our heads above water, and wait for life to settle. 

Once the how it is phase comes to an end, there is commonly a new version of our life that emerges, and there is work to be done. Work that we may have never done before, challenges that seem so great that we have no idea where to begin. This is where therapy can be helpful.  

woman with a coffee mug with quote "sometimes we just are... somtimes that's ok... because sometimes that's as real as it gets... #wedoreal"

My Approach

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I enjoy working with individuals and partners who are seeking growth and change in their lives. I believe in empowering my clients to navigate their lives while reminding them that they are strong, capable, and able to do hard things. 

I do this through a combination of solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. 

I am a kink competent therapist who is experienced in counseling monogamous and ethically non-monogamous individuals and relationship groups. I am also experienced with LGBTQ issues, and am able to assist with navigating the gender transition process for clients over the age of 14. 

In addition to my work listed above, I am also experienced in working with the aviation industry. I have insight into the pressures and difficulties specific to the industry and am sensitive to the concerns surrounding seeking mental health supports while complying with stringent FAA guidelines. 

About Us

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Beth Bloomfield-Fox, LPC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Arizona. I have experience with lgbtq, kink, and poly relationships, and understand the difficulties in finding health care professionals who not only understand, but support and affirm these communities. 

I am well-versed on the HAES approach to health and wellness, and practice body positivity as well as fat acceptance. 

Therapy Dog Rose napping on the office floor. black and tan cavalier king charles spaniel

Rose, Therapy Dog

Rose joined my office about a year ago as a tiny puppy, and has been working her way through therapy dog training. She either sits in her bed or in my lap unless she is invited into my clients' personal space. She enjoys belly scratches and petting, and will happily sit in your lap if invited. Rose is about 15lbs and is a shedding breed, so our office is not a good fit for clients who have dog allergies. 

Office Information

Please call, email, or text to schedule an appointment. 

Online scheduling is coming soon!

I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Self Pay, and have sliding scale rates through Open Path Collective. 

The fee for self pay individual counseling is $125 for the initial assessment and $100 for a 50 minute session. The fee for self pay relationship counseling is $175 for the initial assessment and $150 for a 80 minute session. 

BeTherapy Counseling, LLC

1845 South Dobson Road, Mesa, Arizona 85202, United States

beth@betherapycounseling.com (480) 630-7750

Crisis Information

If you are in need of immediate crisis assistance please call 911, go to your closest emergency room, or call the Maricopa County Crisis Line at 602-222-9444. 

The Crisis Text Line is available 24/7 by texting "hello" to 741-741